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Terms of Use


Reservations are not confirmed until a payment is received. Full payment is due at the time of booking.



Our website,, offers a convenient online reservation system for booking rentals or tours. Upon completion of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email that includes all necessary details for your rental or tour. Payments made online or over the phone will automatically result in the balance of your rental or tour reservation being charged.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its widespread impact on the travel and tourism industry, Kayak Lake Powell has decided to implement a temporary cancellation policy to mitigate the effects of this outbreak on our small business.

In light of Covid-19 restrictions, customers who are compelled to cancel their bookings will receive a credit for the full purchase price, which can be used to book a future tour. This credit will be valid for up to two years.


Day Trips and overnight tours can accommodate up to 30 people. Trips are open to multiple parties in combination unless a specific request is made when you book a tour. 



The majority of Half Day tours utilize sit-on-top double kayaks, while paddleboards are only permitted on the Antelope Morning Tour and exclusively for proficient paddlers who can maintain the kayaking speed.


The tour's pace and daily itinerary are based on a variety of factors, including the selected tour, the group's abilities and interests, and weather conditions. For a general idea of the distance covered, check the tour descriptions in the "tours" section. Most people with reasonable fitness can expect a pace of around 2 miles per hour. If you have concerns about physical requirements or whether a tour is appropriate for you, please reach out to us for assistance.




To ensure your safety during the tour, your guide will carry a cell phone and an emergency distress signal device called SPOT. While cell service may be limited in some areas, the SPOT device is available as a last resort. To ensure that we have all relevant medical information, please provide us with any necessary details before departure. If anyone in the group is unable to swim or tends to panic in water, please let us know.

In the unlikely event of an encounter with dangerous animals such as rattlesnakes or scorpions, rest assured that your safety is our top priority. However, the most common health concerns are dehydration and sunburn, so please remember to stay hydrated and wear appropriate clothing to protect your skin. Additionally, slips and falls on rocks and injuries to the feet are possible, so please exercise caution when exploring on land or in shallow water. Finally, if you have any severe allergies, such as bee stings or nut allergies, please inform our office when booking the tour. Your guide will also carry a small first aid kit and is certified in wilderness first aid to address any unexpected medical needs.


Kayaking is generally a safe activity, but it's important to be prepared for a capsize, just in case. Your guide will provide tips on how to increase your stability in the kayak, and proper loading can also help keep you upright. During breaks, we may "raft up" for added stability in certain conditions, and if it becomes too windy or rough, we will get off the water altogether.

If a capsize does occur, your guide will give instructions on how to get back into the kayak and will assist with pumping water out of your cockpit. Keep in mind that re-entering a kayak requires some physical strength, so if you struggle to exit a swimming pool's deep end without a ladder, please let our office know ahead of time.

While most trips to Lake Powell go smoothly, it's important to be aware of potential hazards like lightning, flash floods, cold water, and limited access to emergency services. Your guide will provide more information on these dangers, and if you have any specific concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our office.



Most situations just call for common sense. There are, however, a few rules required to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone:

• On our tours, lifejacket use is required whenever in a boat.

• Swimming alone is prohibited. Always make sure your tour leader knows where you are swimming and stay within sight. The tour leader reserves the right to make lifejacket use mandatory for swimming. Only ledges approved by the tour leader may be jumped from into the lake and will never exceed 15'.

• Participants must make every effort to stay within communication range of the guide while on the water and follow whatever requests are made, usually concerning navigation or safety.

• No use of illegal drugs. No use of alcohol until the group is off the water for the day.

• Leave No Trace principles will be explained and enforced.

• A signed release of liability form is required before trip departure.

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