Lees Ferry Back Haul ServiceThe Colorado River Discovery backhaul will take you UP RIVER from Lee's Ferry to a little beach just below the Glen Canyon Dam.  The trip upstream takes about 1 hour.  Meet the blue rafts at the dock just upstream from the boat landing at Lee's Ferry.  Reservations for the backhaul are required - book directly with Colorado River Discovery.

Departure Time: 2:30 pm Arizona Time (same as Pacific time except for early spring and late fall)

Prices: $25 per person, $22 per boat, $25 flat for extra camping gear

Phone: Call Colorado River Discovery for true costs and to make backhaul reservation: 928-645-9175

Colorado River Frequently Asked Questions:
- Can I paddle up the river without using a backhaul?  -- No.  The current is too strong.
- Is there road access to the river between the Glen Canyon dam and Lee's Ferry? -- No.  It's a gorge.
- Can I drive to a launch point at the dam and take out at Lee's Ferry? -- No.  The trip begins and ends at Lee's Ferry.
- Can I do the Colorado River trip as a daytrip, instead of an overnight trip?-- No. At this time, the trip can only be accomplished as an overnight tour.  The good news is that this is the best way to experience the area anyway.
- Read our FAQ for additional common questions.